The Retirees Invade China – Day Nine – Shanghai to Brisbane

The tour has finished and we are packing to return home well at least I am as Kerry has come down with a crushing headache. I leave her to take a walk around the hotel until Kerry has a chance to rest and throw the headache. So, I walk outside and down the road and discover Shanghai as it was before the economic boom. People living in ramshackle houses made up of a variety of building products using the streets for recreation the footpath for their businesses and their laundry. This is China as I have seen it. The new China does not look that different to home only supersized. This China shows the poverty that exists beside the economic prosperity of modern China.

After returning to the hotel, Kerry has settled and it is time to catch the bus to the airport. Our flight home is uneventful but tiring however I am debating at an International Women’s Day brunch so a quick change and I am off to battle for the oppressed men of my community. So, that is it for China. Till next time.