The Retirees go Abroad – Villeneuve Switzerland

The weather has improved but we are expecting rain tonight so we have put off going to the Glacier at Mont Scex Rouge to Wednesday and chosen to visit the La Vaux region and its vineyards this afternoon. A visit to Chantal at the tourist information office on Monday gave us all the information we needed about taking it easy enjoying our villa and seeing the important bits around the place.

We drove over to Chexbres a small village in the hills of the La Vaux region. We tracked along the lake through Montreux until climbing into the hills. On Friday we will walk back to Montreux to its casino with its Freddie Mercury Museum and past the Chateau de Chillon. Chexbres presented as a pleasant hilltop village with loads of charm but it was not in the vines so we moved onto Cully to catch the La Vaux Express through the vines. I am quite intrigued by the fountains appearing in all the villages particularly as we have filled up a number of times. Oh and I found some more lavender for Ron.

On the way to Cully we saw a number of interesting things about vineyards in the La Vaux: the steepness of the farms, the presence of the lake, and the way in which every space is used for vines and the various ways the farmers travel amongst the vines.

Cully is another village steeped in charm and it also benefits from the pier at which the Montreux paddle wheeler stops on its tour around the lake. It also celebrates liberation from Bern at the hands of Major Davel with everything from streets to Hotels named after him. Whilst we were there awaiting the Express we saw the Montreux docking.

Our tour on the Express started about 3.00pm. Our train took us on a journey through the streets of the villages and the vineyards that surround them.

By the time we returned to Cully we took the time to look more closely on the village, the fishermen on the pier, and the mermaid in the lake. On the way back to Villeneuve I was fascinated by the yellow awnings on the hotel at Montreux.

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