Bishops Visit – Ullapool – Granny Who?

One of the reasons we travelled to Inverness was to enable Doug Bishop to visit the place of birth of his granny. At first he said the village was just outside Inverness. Then we find it is just outside Ullapool which is just outside Inverness. Well on the other side of the country from Inverness actually.

Despite this set back we determined to see what we could see. Now Ullapool is on the west coast and Inverness is on the east coast of Scotland. Fortunately this must be the shortest distance across the country – only 79 miles, so after 1 hours driving through some very pretty hills and glens, we arrived in Ullapool.


The weather was once again kind to us with the sun racing us across the country. I think we won because there was still daylight in Ullapool when we arrived. The post office was our first place to visit. Enquiries with the postmaster revealed that Granny’s village was a further 40 miles north along a rather crude track. The sun was tracking below the horizon and the weather had decided to rain on our party. So we decided that Doug needed to do some more research before we trekked into the wilderness of the Highlands.

We took some shots of this lovely little village and its harbour before finding FBI – Ferry Boat Inn – the locals find the abbreviation amusing. FBI had a lovely fire with views over the harbour. So we warmed our selves with fire and fire water (Whisky) before dining and heading back to Inverness. The journey home was a little less comfortable to the journey there. With darkness falling around 5.00pm, travelling home at 7.30pm was pitch blackness without aid of street lights in drizzling rain.

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