The Retirees go Abroad – Greg’s Visit to Nottingham – 18 holes at the Belfry Golf Club

Friday comes and the forecast is rain and gale force winds up and down the country. So Greg rings and is able to book Monday and cancel Friday. Monday comes and the forecast is not much better but maybe just maybe the weather is north of the midlands and as we are going to Warwickshire we should be safe.

Our hunch proves correct and we have a great day of golf at a premier resort with no rain. I surprised myself to find that I had not forgotten everything that I had learned of golf and that I had lost something – my high expectation of my ability.

The Belfry is a golf resort in Wishaw, Warwickshire, close to Birmingham. The resort has three golf courses. The Brabazon Course is the main tournament course, and the others are the PGA National and The Derby. The headquarters of The Professional Golfers’ Association are also located there, as are a hotel, tennis courts and a leisure spa. The Belfry has hosted the Ryder Cup on four occasions, three and has also staged numerous European Tour events.

We played the PGA National course. On arrival we determined that a cart would be needed. Greg thought that he did not play as well as at Sherwood Forest but he did some great shots in my view. He also caught my action on one hole – fair but my finish needs some work.

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At the fifth hole the course crosses a road and returns on the fourteenth hole. As we returned we found the drinks cart having a siesta – not up to par.


No records were broken but it gave me interest to look at blowing the dust off my clubs when I get home.

After driving home it was time to prepare for Greg’s next leg – a train trip to Poitiers which would take him all day and require three changes of train starting with my driving him to Nottingham rail station the following morning. It is a good thing we left a half hour early as a major intersection was closed causing a diversion for about half an hour which meant Greg got to the station in time but later than expected.

You cannot trust the traffic over here – whether it is the M25 blocked at Heathrow or the M1 blocked because an air ambulance has had to land on the highway to evacuate injured drivers or Nottingham Rd closed off because of the bloody tram works

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