The Retirees Home in Brisbane – Travels to the Wild West – Day 6

Overnight between rubbers of 500, we roughly planned the trip for the following day. We wanted to get to one of the boutique breweries and finish the search for the best chardonnay. The next morning the weather again promised a lovely day. Any fears of rainy weather were long forgotten. First port of call was Cheeky Monkey Brewery. It shares premises with Killerby Wine and is very family friendly with children’s play area and cellar door. The tasting platter of 7 beers cost $15 and ample for two guys to share. The beer was different and yet very enjoyable but not readily available outside of the brewery. Kerry found a Sauvignon Blanc that she enjoyed at the Cellar door. Kerry H was still looking for the perfect Chardonnay and wanted to visit Woodlands to try their current vintage. Located in a woodland on a hill overlooking the vineyards the Cellar door was very appealing but the Chardonnay was $90 per bottle and Woody Nook still out shone it. Now satisfied that Woody Nook presented the best wine for the best value we returned to Woody Nook Winery.

We were now again in the northern end of the region and we thought we would go to Yallingup for lunch. Yallingup is a beach side village with excellent views over the cliffs and out to sea. The houses sink back into the undergrowth with the commercial area set well back from the beach. Cliff top walks allow visitors to take in all aspects but there is nowhere for lunch. Kerry H quickly refers to Google and soon we are on our way to Bushshack Brewery and the best Nachos on the coast. The brewery not only brews beer but alcoholic soft drinks – Sarsaparilla being my favourite. The Brewery was host to some vintage cars and the brewery was jammed so Nachos was about the only thing left on the menu. Sitting under the gum trees, the dining area is subject to aerial attack form Magpies. So dinner comes with a water pistol to chase off the birds which will rob from your plate as you eat.

In our search for the best chardonnay we had been advised to visit Credaro Wines. So after lunch we thought we would search them out before going to Prevelly Beach with a bottle of sparkling wine to watch the sunset over the ocean. Credaro has a magnificent vista from it deck and lovely surroundings. I was tasted out so I left Rod and Kerry to their tastings and checked out the gardens. Rod and Kerry H were not able to taste the premium chardonnay and purchased a bottle on trust. They were not disappointed.

We then moved onto Prevelly and were surprised to see surfers (in full wet suits because it is bloody cold) fighting out to the breaks right up to sunset. I trekked the beach until a rogue wave caught me out and then I joined the others to dry of and to watch the sunset.

Our last night at Margaret River finished as we started – a few hands of cards a nice bottle of wine and things to nibble on. Although Margaret River is only 3 hours south of Perth, we had plans to visit Island Brook and collect some wine as after all our tastings we felt they were still some of the best. With the cellar door opening at 10.00 we had to time our trip back for a 3.00 o’clock departure. Until next year when we will do it all again.

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Retired Australian Lawyer having worked representing the innocent and the not so innocent in Australia and some of the remote parts of the world and having travelled widely through Europe, Western Russia, Canada, USA, New Zealand, Thailand Malaysia Solomon Islands northern China, Hong Kong and the UAE So now that I have the time I am writing about my travels present and past. Hope you enjoy exploring off the beaten track.