Bishops Visit – France and More – Futuroscope, Poitiers

The next day started well with weak sunshine coming into the motel unit windows. Our destination is Futuroscope outside of Poitiers. We had packed a breakfast and lunch for on the highway reaching our goal by 2.00pm.

We stayed at a Campanile Hotel in Futuroscope Park and whilst Doug and Nerida rested Kerry and I took a walk to the Park and back. Just as I remembered it – and just as empty of people as the first time we came. Winter just before Xmas – not a popular time for theme parks.


We had purchased a 5.00pm pass as we wanted to particularly see the evening show. There is a bus running from the hotel precinct to the park so we waited for the bus at the bus stop – the wrong bus stop until a banana bus pulled up on the other side of the road to say the bus ran in the other direction and we were waiting at the wrong stop. So obviously we caught the bus and arrived at the park just as the sun was setting. The weather continued to be kind – Cool and clear.


The park is both children’s theme park and a learning park. Adults can learn about cinema and photography plus a variety of subjects and the children have the rides to enjoy. Secretly the adults enjoy the rides as well. The presentations are in a variety of unusually shaped buildings as befits the subject. The subjects vary from the galaxy to forest spirits. Unfortunately at this time of year and time of day not all of the 17 shows are open and not all of the facilities such as food are open so by the time of the evening show we were torn between queueing for food and getting a seat for the show. The show won.

The show is played out on the water using holograms water fountains and music (plus songs in French of course). Spectacular is an overused word but not in this case. This is a secret the French want to keep for themselves. I can recommend it. Start by visiting the website at

Futuroscope, a different kind of leisure park experience for all the family! France – Poitiers – Poitou-Charentes.

The show finished about 9.00pm. I hurried to return the audio guides and collect my security (they usually want your driver’s licence) whilst the others made their way to the bus stop. After catching the bus back to the hotel it was 10.00pm but the restaurant at the hotel was still open and pumping – we had to wait half an hour to get burgers and the buffet.

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