The Retirees go Abroad – France Norway UK and Ireland – Paris to London

Before Diane and Svein went home, we enjoyed a night at the Lido – some very good artists and lots of boobs.  Please excuse my shaking hand when photographing the wild life at the Lido. We had planned to have dinner at a place that Diane recommended. Well not so. It was gone or her memory was gone – which ever. We found a pub in one of the back streets and had a nice inexpensive meal – difficult to do in Paris. The show finished about 11.00 pm so we caught taxis back to our hotel.

Next morning, we said farewell to Diane and Svein who returned to Bruges and we visited Sacre Cour and Montmartre. Inside Sacre Cour is quite amazing but Nerida was in 7th heaven with all the shops. Kerry and I relive a moment from an earleir trip with coffee at Monmarte.

Kerry and I then went off to the catacombs at Place du Denfert Rocheleau. To get there we passed on foot through the fabric district of Paris. There were a few imitators of Glitter and Dance there.

When we arrived at the entrance to the catacombs the line up was easily over two hundred people and it took two hours for us to get in. Whilst we waited we were visited by a rodent of Paris. So while Kerry held our place in the queue, I went for a walk to the Palais du Luxemburg and Jardin du Luxemburg. The picture of the Palais is the featured image.

The entrance to the catacombs is through a plain black door is a plain black building in a small park in the middle of a large intersection. Once inside and you have paid your €8 or in Kerry’s case as a senior over 60 €6 you walk down 132 stairs in a column to start a 2 klm walk under Paris. There is a variety of information on wall panels from history to geology but all you need to know is the tunnels were originally dug to quarry rock for building and later filled with the bones of bodies from unsanctified graves around Paris and graves that were being reclaimed for building. After a few cave ins and subsequent destruction of houses the Paris council decided to shore up the tunnels and later to arrange the bones which had been discarded into the tunnels to be stored in a tidy fashion – it is still happening today.

We leave the tunnels via 82 steps exiting into a part of Paris we had not seen before but using the Metro we returned to our hotel to ready ourselves for the next part of our trip and to farewell Doug and Nerida. Before we say farewell we have booked a wine tasting with a Sommelier but its his night off and we have the Vigneron take us through his wines and he did not skimp on the beverage. Great tasting with lots of information.


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Retired Australian Lawyer having worked representing the innocent and the not so innocent in Australia and some of the remote parts of the world and having travelled widely through Europe, Western Russia, Canada, USA, New Zealand, Thailand Malaysia Solomon Islands northern China, Hong Kong and the UAE So now that I have the time I am writing about my travels present and past. Hope you enjoy exploring off the beaten track.